is a (omfg! web2.0) service that tracks the music you play. You just install a plugin for your favourite music player and all songs you play will be send to the site. They will create nice charts, make recommendations and lots of other fun stuff.

Oh look, it even has got syndication! (my recently played tracks)

You can see nice charts about my music here.

Opeth’s Ghost Reveries

Sweden’s OPETH and Jens Bogren have finished the recording and mixing of the group’s latest opus, “Ghost Reveries”. The album was mastered on Thursday (June 16) at the Cutting Room facilities in Stockholm. The total running time will be around 65 minutes.

The two released tracks, Ghost of Perdition and The Grand Conjuration sound promising.

The album will be for sale on my birthday :-), the 30th of August.

And they will perform it during their Europian tour, which I`ll visit on the 11th of September in the 013 in Tilburg.

I`m thrilled.

Music Fill Out Thingy

Zef handed me the music baton, meaning I got to fill out a form ’bout music. So well… here it is:

Total volume of music files on my computer
3.2 GB.. that isn’t a lot.. but in contrary to some with huge collections I do listen to them all.

The last CD I bought was
I got myself some albums of Children of Bodom recently. I`m trying to get the Lamentations DVD of Opeth.

Song playing right now
Opeth – Still Life – The Moor

Five songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me
I don’t really listen to a certain song a lot.. although recently I listened to these a bit more than the others:

– Opeth – The Drapery Falls
– Children of Bodom – Needled 24/7
– Nirvana – You Know You’re Right
– Opeth – Dirge for November
– Muse – Citizen Erased

Lets be creative and add another question:

Artists you like
Opeth, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Nirvana, Linkin Park and last but not least Muse.

The five people where this meme will go on
Kaja Fumei
– Noud Aldenhoven
– you!
– (yes, i was out of idea`s)