Virtual packages in python

When writing an application in python, it can be very convenient to be able to import a module from the top of your module tree. Eg. import myapp.config instead of (python 2.5 only) relative imports: import ....config. To do this one would have to make myapp a package. The normal way to do this is to put your application directory (which now has to be named myapp) somewhere in python’s package search path. This isn’t all to convenient.

The solution: manually set up your package module:

import os
import sys
import imp
def setup_virtual_package(name, path=os.curdir):
    """ Sets up a package at the given path with a given
     name """
    modulePath = os.path.abspath(path)
    f, fn, suffix = imp.find_module('__init__',
    imp.load_module(name, f, fn, suffix)
    sys.modules[name].__path__ = [modulePath]

Now import myapp.something works like a charm.