Switching to Lighttpd

Recently a lot of people seem to be switching from Apache to Lighttpd, which is a webserver that is said to be a lot faster, but even better it is said to have a constant low memory footprint.

I`m currently compiling lighttpd on my vserver (on which this blog runs), and I`ll switch to lighttpd – which should be as easy as setting some configurations for lighttpd to fit in with the current /var/www model I`m using and simply switching off Apache and switching on lighttpd.

I hope there won’t be a lot downtime.

Update Lighttpd and fastcgi don’t seem to really go together on my server configuration, so no lighttpd for a while :(.

Welcome to

When you read this, this page has been served from my virtual server.

This also means that luckily the whole web content transfer has been a success :-D.

Sadly things haven’t gone as smoothly with the qmail configuration for my mail accounts.

So please mail me to bas.westerbaan@gmail.com instead of my @w-nz.com acccount.

Even though the minor setback with the mail (which is giving me headaches), it has been rather fun to do. And I learned a lot. (like that putting a restriction on the amount of memory that php uses isn’t just to annoy the customer but just to safe the server from some terribly php scripts)

When everything is working fine I`ll post some more on setting up your own server.

I desperately need some sleep.

Update: seems that there are quite some bugs in the transfer after all: ftp which only recursed a certain amount of times; .htaccess files not being transfered; permissions changing; php sucking too much memory (again); not enough sleep 😛
But seems to be working right now