ati-drivers-8.33.6 for Gentoo

This is a slightly adjusted 25.3 ebuild that will give you the 8.33.6 ati-drivers for Gentoo. Yes, it’s dirty. They aren’t in the main tree yet because they are considered broken, although it works just fine for me.

Download: ati-drivers-overlay-8.33.6.tar.bz2

Extract them to an overlay.

Update, the 8.33.6 drivers are in the mainline tree now, so you should use those instead of mine.

Intel’s free literature

I noticed that you are able to order hard-copy’s of Intel’s books on the IA-32, 64 and Itanium architecture. So I did.

Today, a few days later, I received them. They’re very informative thorough and well structured. And, in contrary to other professional literature, you are able to read it without crunching your brains on one jargon-filled sentence. Basically free, dense and easily read books and great references.

So, a big thank you to Intel for this nice free service.

By the way, Itanium seems to really rock. (256 registers, compiler branch prediction, 8-superscalar, etc)

Also, I’ve got no spare room anymore on my desk. 🙂