Code Golf 3: Googler

Code Golf. As with the real sport the goal is to reduce the number of strokes that it takes to complete a particular objective, although with Code Golf “strokes” refers to keystrokes rather than swings of a golf club.

Write code to return the url’s of the first page of search results for the query ‘perl’ on

There’ll be two categories, one for using perl’s Socket module only, and for those using external libraries.

Good luck!

Strange pagerank

Google uses pagerank to give a site a ranking of importance. Pagerank is strange.

One thing to note is that pagerank is logarithmic-ish. A pagerank of 2 is a lot better than just the double of pagerank 1.

By far the most visited site on my server, this blog, has got a page rank of 3.

Other pages on my server which are visited sometimes like, have got a pagerank of 2.

What catched my attention is that the page, which basicly is a filler containing a link to the xr12 wiki has got a pagerank of 5. This is the same pagerank as a big site like newgrounds!

Maybe google values a lot because it is about one topic and is the only site about that topic and that is, where this blog has got tons of links about practicly everything from very various sources.

Pagerank itself isn’t the sorting factor for google but rather the context, although pagerank still is an indicator. Maybe google values a few links which are very specific above tons of links about very different topics.