Last tuesday I cycled with some friends (about 11) to Arcen to visit the Hertog Jan brewery. The ~75km of cycling went pretty well — way better than expected. We stayed on a 4 star camping for the night and cycled back the next day.

Needless to say, this was a great experience and we all had a lot of fun.

Some photos were made, I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

bcmap 0.1

bcmap is a simply program to be linked against klibc to map Broadcom RAIDCORE disks to more sensible and stable device nodes.

Currently the bcraid drivers assign the next available sd node to a detected disk, which is very inconvenient when you have a usb stick inserted on boot which pushes your root disk from sda to sdb.

bcmap ensures that your first array will always be /dev/bca, which is a nice thing.

>>> bcmap-0.1.tar.bz2 (source code)

Licensed under the (holy) GNU GPL v.2

bcraid drivers part two

Here’s a small patch that tweak the broadcom raid drivers for the bc4000 series to run on the latest kernels:

Note that it is everything but complete. Some other pointers getting the bcraid to work:

  • Use sparse memory or conitguous memory instead of incontiguous memory in the memory layout configuration in the kernel. (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM=y)
  • Enable the magic sysrq key (CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ=y)

At the moment I’m trying to get the bcraid module working in an initrd to allow the root partition on the raid drivers.