C&C 3 on Linux

I’ve got Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars running on my Gentoo Linux installation with wine 0.9.34 by following the instructions here. I had to first install it on windows though, and copy the folder for the installer didn’t work, even with Crossover Office.

Except for (very glitchly) video and sometimes a crash everything seems to run. (Didn’t try multiplayer yet though). I had to put all quality settings to lowest, which makes me wonder whether that is my radeon X1400 being not so good as I expected or wine just being slow in emulating Direct3D.

C&C Generals Scud Hack

I’ve found a rather interesting ‘hack’ for C&C generals on a forum: the Scud hack.

  1. Build a Scud Launcher
  2. Select a unit which can shoot and press Ctrl+1
  3. Select the Scud Launcher and press Ctrl+2
  4. Press 1, than press shift+2
  5. Now you’ve got the Scud launcher and the unit selected. Mouseclick on an area while holding Ctrl to let the unit and the Scud force fire there.

EA won’t fix the hack but when you use the Scud hack whilst playing a stat-online-game you’re probably get banned.