Microsoft Anti Spyware

Microsoft Anti Spyware beta

It looks to work well, it even detects some adware that adaware didn’t remove.

It is said by many people that using more than one anti-adware program is the best way for they all don’t catch everything. Joel suggests why Microsoft Anti Spyware wouldn’t catch everything: conflicts of interest.

A lot of money is made by redistributing spyware/adaware/malware on people’s computers. They could easily bribe some anti-adware software developers to ignore their adware.

I just got to find an anti-adware program that is proffesional enough to clean my computer, and isn’t bribed to leave some.

The problem is that there are a lot of anti-adware programs, most of them are adware themselves.


When having Avalon installed it adds a few new project templates to my Visual C# 2005 express, with which avalon applications can be made. Avalon is a Window system which uses xml files to define a form. At the moment I couldn’t find a designer neither reference to it in the help files and assume it isn’t implemented yet, which is rather a pain for creating a form by editing Xml by hand is just a pain: Xml is hard to write and I am just too dependant on the user friendlyness of the form designer.

When compiling Avalon generates classes and serialized data files in your application to replace the Xml files.

So what does it basicly do? Lets you design your forms easily (although there isn’t a proper designer yet) maintaining a good performance by replacing the slow Xml files by generated classes and serialized resources compile-time.
Having a few test applications decompiled and having looked at the sdk it seems that Avalon can do practicly the same as the current Windows.Forms dll.
So now I wonder, in what way would Avalon be better than using the great current form designer and the Windows.Forms dll?