802.1X configuration profile on Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)

On the developer preview of Lion, the “+” button for 802.1X profiles was removed.

You can use the iPhoneConfigurationUtility application (Google for it) to create a mobile configuration profile with the 802.1X settings, that also imports perfectly fine on Lion.

12 thoughts on “802.1X configuration profile on Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)”

  1. Any idea how to create such a configuration profile if you use internet over ethernet?

  2. I find the purposeful omission of the plus button in the 802.1X settings in Lion really annoying. I can’t imagine what the benefit is.
    Thanks for recommending the iPhone Configuration Utility as an alternative.

  3. The IPCU can only create “user” mode 802.1x profiles. If you want system or login mode profiles, you must create them with Profile Manager from 10.7 Server or manually hack up the IPCU mobileconfig file.

    To get system to work, create a working “user” profile and add the following items:

    1. Starting the line immediately below the SSID_STR key’s ” value, add this:



    2. Insert these lines immediately above the bottom-most PayloadType key line:


  4. If I do create a config profile using that iPhone utility, how then does one ‘import’ it into Lion?

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  6. What a joke of operating system apple has… if it has any hopes of getting into the coorporate world it must move away from it’s current model of “We do what we want and wont change”

    Apple for business = disaster

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