Today I received a long anticipated phone call from my mentor who took away the doubt and let me know that I graduated for my VWO exams at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen, which is a matriculation exam.

With mixed feeling I look back at seven long years. It certainly shouldn’t have took 7 years, nor 6, not even 3. But espacially in my last few years I came to appreciate the tons of very different people with whom I spend the days. A diversity I won’t find in that extend within the students of Maths and Physics which I intend to study next year at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

For one thing I certainly wouldn’t have want to have missed these last few years. Some say they’re the best of your life. I do really look forward to university, though.

For those interested, I’ve planned an “Examenfeest” with some others in a nice club in Nijmegen. Send me an e-mail if you happen to be in the neighborhood and care to join.

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