T60 (2)

After 2 days installing gentoo on my great T60 I’ve accomplished quite a lot so far:

  • WiFi works. 4 seperate components (userland, firmware, kernel module and yet another kernel module) increase complexity a bit. Although the fifth component caused trouble — I forgot to tweak conf.d/net
  • Radeon X1400 and video card worked almost directly after using aticonf — nice! When I upgraded to xorg-server-1.1, though, I got a few crashes when closing X in a not-so-nice manner.
  • Using the synaptics drivers my touchpad now support drag’n’drop, right and middle mouse click and scrolling emulation. Still got to find a way to bind the thinkpad shortcut to disable/enable the point or pad.
  • Finally got the DVD rewriter to work. It seems I overlooked one little stupid generic E-IDE option in the kernel config.
  • Bluetooth and infrared should work — haven’t got the gadgets to try them out
  • Never even saw a PCCard, so didn’t even bother to look into ti
  • Software suspend (hibernation) doens’t work yet, but I definitely be working on that.