OO Stated Stackbased Parsing

Every parsable format (like INI, XML) consists out of certain area’s. You can be parsing the section name at one moment, or be parsing a comment when parsing an INI. These certain area’s where you can parse result in a parse state. In every state you expect something else, and you gather other kinds of information.

When you are parsing in a certain state you can find that the state has changed (the parser found a new xml node in a xml file), then the old state is pushed on the state stack.

In certain circumstances you need to have the ability to fall back to a previous state, this can happen when you are parsing a apparently new section name and suddenly there is a comment character instead of a sectionname end character. In this case you need to be able to fall back on the previous section you were parsing. Although when you successfully have parsed the sectionname you want the old sectionstate removed from the stack (and the data of it emited).
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