RTFM, where?

Recently a buddy on msn asked me a linux question, he just started linux so he had some problems getting stuff done.

He downloaded an installer, he said, a .run, but he doesn’t know how to execute it. He tried googling for it and asking on forums, but didn’t get an answer, so he asked me.

I solved his problem, but I still wondered, where you can find that you need to put ‘./’ in front of a file in bash to execute it and where can you find that you probably need to chmod +x the file too if you downloaded it from somewhere, if you are a total newcomer to linux.

The bash tutorial would’ve probably solved it, but do you know that that thing in which you are typing actually is a separate program? Probably not.

I basically learned all this trivial stuff while following the gentoo installation manual, but I guess that’s a bit too much to ask from each new linux user. There should be a good linux introduction that explains this trivial stuff somewhere to which I can redirect new users. Anyone knows one?