Enter The Unkown: Algorithm`s A programmer Has Got To Know

I don’t like to link to other blogs or articles for I am just a lame copier, but I’d like to point my select few readers to Enter The Unkown, the weblog of Kaja Fumei, where he will point out some Algorithms a Programmer should know. First one in the list are the Hash Tables.

You don’t need to know the stuff behind these kind of features a language library exposes; but it helps a lot if you know how it works and what the weak and strong points are.

Introducing Paradox

Kaja Fumei and I are currently developing a light-weight rich jit-ed language called Paradox.

The main feature of Paradox will be that it will be very light weight in memory and startup time.

It will be great to use for scripting in other applications which demand high performance like for instance games. Also for normal scripting purposes or normal applications it will be way more suitable than normal interpreted languages.

Basicly it will feature a JIT Compiler, Generation GC, rich (modulair) base library and a being very extensible.

It will probably not perform as good as the .net framework but will rather come in the range of mono`s and java`s performance, which is very high compared to the performance of normal scripts.

When Kaja, who is currently working on the JITc and gGC finished the base I’ll start working on the core library and help optimizing and I will post a preview of its capabilities.

(for those wondering how long it will take:

The Unknown – 森の中に木がない。 says:
reeally long week