Code Golf 1: Fibonacci

Code Golf. As with the real sport the goal is to reduce the number of strokes that it takes to complete a particular objective, although with Code Golf “strokes” refers to keystrokes rather than swings of a golf club.

You may compete using any language.1

Create an algorithm that prints the 30 first fibonacci number to the screen, each followed by a newline.

An algorithm which could do this would be (148 bytes):

my $a = 1;
my $b = 0;
my $c;

my $limit = 30;
my $i = 0;

while ($i < $limit) {
        $i += 1;
        $c = $a + $b;
        $a = $b;
        $b = $c;
        print $c . "\n";

But that can be written way shorter.

My first:


My second:
$a=1;$c=$a+$b,$a=$b,$b=$c,print"$c\n"for 0..29

Noud’s reponse:

My revenge:
$a=1;$c=$a+$b,$a=$b,$b=$c,print"$c\n"for 0..29

Noud was 30 seconds later with:
$a=1;print$a+=$b,"\n",$b+=$a,"\n"for 1..15

My latest one: partially by Bram too


1. a language that implements fib returning mysteriously the first 30 fibonacci numbers isn’t allowed.