Exeem the hype

Slashdot on exeem

Since suprnova.org has been offline due to it being illegal the main source for torrents has dissapeared and has lead to a hype around the replacement made by the original maintainers of suprnova, exeem.

First, what actually was suprnova.org. It was a site which maintained torrents for legal and illegal files. And it did even more; all torrents were thouroughly checked, commented and rated by an enourmous team of editors, making sure that the torrents on Suprnova.org were the best you could possibly find.

Because Suprnova moderated, commented, rated and checked every single torrent they offered they were without any doubt illegal. If they would have only offered user uploaded torrents with a nice disclaimer that the torrents are the property of their respective owners they would have probably gotten away with it, but they also wouldn’t have got as big as they were.

Exeem basicly works offers the same as Supernova.org, except that it is a p2p application, not a centralised website.

It basicly stores torrents and comments on these on a Peer to Peer network similar to Kazaa, which basicly makes every single user of it just as legal instead of just the main servers as it was the case with Supernova’s servers. It is very hard for authorities to punish every single user of a p2p network. There would have to be a trail for every single user which would never be profitable. Governments have tried to confict the big p2p users for this actually is profitable. The main problem is that there aren’t a lot of really big p2p users, just an incredible amount of small users who combined are even worse than a few big ones.

Exeem sounds great, exeem is an enourmous hype. But I think Exeem will suck:

  • Exeem is p2p, this will most likely cause the rating, comments and moderation on torrents go down a lot and make it less attractive for the user. When having a very secure system so that only a few people can add new torrents to the network you have to have some kind of centralised authority which will be very vulnerable to legal persueds.
  • Exeem will be addware, this will cause a lot of people to drop off. Noone wants to have addware on his computer.

Although I could be mistaking, most hypes like this one tend to turn out really dissapointing.

In my opinion the only way to get a neat new system like exeem which works cool is to get a p2p torrent redistribution network for legal purposes. Bittorent grew big for it was used to redistribute linux redists. Although it will probably will get used for illegal purposes it just would be a very handy system for legal purposes too.

More on this later…