If I’d own a botnet… (1)

…and didn’t want to loose it if my control servers got shut down, I’d let every orphaned zombie randomly connect to hosts in a given IP range, and challenge them to give a preimage of a hardcoded hash. [ detail: add a salt to prevent replay attacks ]. With a sufficiently safe casu quo large range, it also might be helpfull to allow zombies to forward still orphan zombies.

This is How We Catch You Downloading

torrentfreak.com has acquired a document how a british company is tracking down illegal use of P2P: This is How We Catch You Downloading.

Basically they use a modified P2P client which searches for infringing content, download it and if that works and is indeed is the content then they do a whois on your IP and send a infringement notice to your ISP. The best thing is that they claim that this provides enough proof that you really are infringing.

They probably never heard about botnets.