Hashcash 3.2

I upgraded to hashcash 3.2. I hope that will stop the new wave of spam I had on this blog. When you’re upgrading yourself, note that now wp-hashcash resides in its own subdirectory in the plugins folder, I didn’t notice that and couldn’t find what was wrong until I noticed the ‘/wp-hashcash/’ bit in the source.

By the way, happy new year!

One thought on “Hashcash 3.2”

  1. I wonder how hashcash 3.2 compares to 4.6. Probably a big diff. If I’m gonna rip the source code apart and punch it in the face in order to get PAID by the SEO industry that employs me, I should probably test it against a site that runs the current version. Food for thought. Your blog ranks high for “wordpress blog with hashcash enabled” meh food for thought. why am i commenting here? I dont know! whee. have a nice day.

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