Keep your email secure (and what just doesn’t work)

The best way to keep your e-mail address secure from evil spam bots is some kind of javascript and obfuscation, which unfortunately isn’t always available. There are enough alternatives though.

Usually people tend to replace the ‘@’ with some short replacement like ‘{at}’ or ‘bij’. This just doesn’t help.

Any programmer with a bit of knowledge of regex can create a program that scans for domain names and interprets every small bit of text in front of it as an @ sign.

Some smarter people also replace the dot. This works, unless your email-host uses a easily recognizable TLD (.com) or domainname (

Also putting ‘SPAM’ in your email-adress is easily filtered.

Best thing is to use something out of the box.

For instance, my email address is X@Y, where:
X = bas.westerbaan
Y =
Also I’ve got an email-address on, namely bas.westerbaan.

Or even maybe

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