Code Golf 2: Line Sort

Code Golf. As with the real sport the goal is to reduce the number of strokes that it takes to complete a particular objective, although with Code Golf “strokes” refers to keystrokes rather than swings of a golf club.

Create an algorithm that reads lines from the stdin until it hits an EOF and prints those lines sorted to the stdout

  • Don’t use the language’s native sorting capabilities, write your own sorting algorithm. (print for sort<> would be too easy.)
  • Any language is allowed, except for those that myseriously implement a 1 byte command that does exactly this.

Example implementation using inverted bubble sort:

@a = <>;
for ($i = 0; $i <= $#a; $i++) {
 for ($j = $i; $j <= $#a; $j++) {
  if (@a[$i] ge @a[$j]) {
   $t = @a[$j];
   @a[$j] = @a[$i];
   @a[$i] = $t;
foreach(@a) {

This implementation is very large and inefficient, and just an example.

Good luck!

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