I’ve recently been using CVS a lot, more specificly subversion. It makes it a lot easier to share source code. Where it wasn’t possible to work on the same projects or even on another project that depends on the first because sharing source code is tricky, subversion was the solution.

As far as I know there isn’t a program that allows you to mount a subversion repositry into the linux filesystem. This would make managing a subversion reposity a bit easier for at the moment you need to use svn add to add every single file; svn cp to copy, svn rm to remove, and so on which could all be intergrated when wrapping a repositry up.

It is possible I haven’t been searching in the right place. Searching for it just gave me an enourmous list of other people graving for it.

To my knowladge there is no really easy way to get rid of older versions. Offcourse it would be against the basic idea behind the system storing every single version, but sometimes it just isn’t practicly. In case you are dealing with extra not sourcecode files, like images or data files, which usualy are quite large in comparison with source code, you’ll get a really big and slow repositry.

Adding a feature that will store all files before version x if it isn’t the top version in a compressed archive of some type would be really nice. Although it would drasticly decrease the access time for the older versions it does decrease the space used and increases the access time for the top versions which are used a lot more than the older ones.

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  1. If you have your Subversion repository accessible by http or https methods, then you actually CAN mount the repository, by way of WebDAV. Especially with SVN 1.2, which has better Autoversioning support – meaning that when you edit and save a file, Subversion automatically creates a new revision.

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