Easy Crossbrowser JavaScript

The major problem when dealing with javascript for me was that javascript acts differently on each different browser. And there are a lot of browsers supporting javascript.
Usualy to get it working it would include having for each sensitive operation a big if block. And in the a bit nicer javascripts that would become a lot. Also it becomes hard to maintain.

So what to do about it?

Actually.. C(++) gave me a possible solution. Use macro`s. It ain’t possible to use macro`s in javascript itself feasable, so what you do is you compile your javascript with macro`s to a different javascript file for each browser. Then using a simple server side script you can let the browser get what it wants.

I’m not a javascript guru, so I hardly know all the problems of each browser.

If a javascript guru does read it, please contact me – it would be great to have such a goodie.

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