Command line parser update

I made some updates on my command line parser for .net .

It now supports aliases and you can set whether the parameter should accept a value or not so you can use -foo bar where foo doesn’t accept a value and therefore bar is regognized as a position dependand parameter.

An example parameter definition:

[Parameter(Position = 0, IsMandatory = true,
AcceptsNoValue = false, Name = "folder",
Description = "The folder", 
Aliases = new string[]{"target"})]
public string FolderParameter
    get { return _FolderParameter; }
    set { _FolderParameter = value; }

(Ignore the slashes placed before the quotes, wordpress seems to add them automaticly) I also have added the Intrepid.Automation.CommandLine.OutputHelp function, which outputs help for the parameters of an object to a stream. Like this:

Creates playlists in a folder and its subfolders


[String excludefilter = NULL] (efilter)
Only files not matching this regex are included

[String includefilter = NULL] (ifilter)
Only files matching this regex are included

String folder (target)
The folder

[Boolean expand]
Whether to expand referenced m3u’s

m3u playlists are automaticly excluded; use -excludefilter to add additional excludes.

You can still download the Intrepid.Clorelib assembly here and you still may only use it for non-commercial open-source usage and may not change/reverse engineer/etc it in any way.

Hope it will prove usefull :-).

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