Working on a software based distortion for the electric guitar

At the moment I am busy creating a software based distortion for an electric guitar.

The most challenging part is getting effects to work, to explain this in more detail you need to know how a computer handles audio.

Sound itself is nothing more than a vibration in the air. It can be represented by the amount of force the air is pushing or pulling.

A tone of a specific frequency would look like:

A wave

A computer stores sound by sampling the amplitude of the air at regular interfals.

It would be easy to write a program to increase the frequency of the sound above, but a normal sound doesn’t look that regular:

A wave

Increasing the bass or treble of that wave would require some advanced algorithms, which take time to execute which creates a larger delay. One thing that a distortion shouldn’t do is lag.

More on this when some stuff is working.

One thought on “Working on a software based distortion for the electric guitar”

  1. Let’s play some fuckin’ heavy metal! Cool! I’m really curious what it sound like and hoping it’s going to work. See you on Thursday, I’ll bring my distrortion along. (<-- could I say along here?) Bye, Noud

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