Protecting your email address against spam bots

Spam bots get smarter these days in harvesting email addresses. They usualy use a regex which searches for ‘.. dot .. ltd’, which isn’t that resource intensive. When that is done a more advanced regex is put in there to get the email adress somehow removing stuff like ‘spam’.

Using normal javascript encoding doesn’t work anymore, for it isn’t that hard for a spider to regognize encoded strings and decode them, whether this is in javascript code or normal html escapes.

Therefore we need to get more inventive:

function JSBotProtect($text){
	$xorred = "0";
	$layer = "0";
	for($i = 0; $i < strlen($text); $i++){
		$layerbit = mt_rand(0, 255);
		$xorred .= "," . (string)(ord($text[$i]) ^ $layerbit);
		$layer .= "," . (string)$layerbit;
	return <<<EOF
	<script type="text/javascript">
		var xorred = String.fromCharCode({$xorred});
		var layer = String.fromCharCode({$layer});
		var unxorred = "";
		for(i = 1; i < xorred.length; i++){
			unxorred += String.fromCharCode(

This PHP function returns a javascript block of code which stores the sensitive string like an email address in 2 parts, which when xorred with eachother result in the original email address.

An implementation to get a mailto: link

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