Rich Client Side Framework

On several blogs the idea of having a rich java script passed, for example on Rich Web UI: Search As You Type

Guess due to google, which has made a neat Webmail interface for gmail and Google suggest with find as you type.

The demands on java script keeps growing. People want to make better webUI’s and features with Javascript although javascript is defenitely not designed for this stuff.

Using flash, and java is an overkill, but using javascript is espacially an overkill for javascript isnt handled consistantly on different browsers, and isn’t as quick and maintainable as it could be.

I guess it would be time to extend HTML itself with a more advanced script; java like preferably although then directly supported by the browser, and less aimed at custom drawing but using an API provided by the browser.

I’m currently experimenting with Microsoft .net assemblies which are downloaded in slimmed form as webpage which are executed with very limited access. Which works neat although it is still an overkill (a .dll is about 20 Kb, even if you got only one line of code..)

Just a thought.

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